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Advocacy & Programs → Basic Needs Assistance We support you so you can support yourself.

Our most basic needs are also the ones not everyone has. We’re here to change that.

Sexual orientation and gender identity can impact a person’s access to basic needs, especially when those identities intersect with race, ethnicity, age, income, ability, and geography. Whether you need medical care, clothes, a bed, or a warm meal, we help find solutions that get you back on your feet, while being sensitive to the privacy and dignity you deserve.

Our Advocacy Initiatives

The Expression Space

We have a dedicated area, “The Expression Space,” for people in need to find day-to-day needs, such as LGBTQ+-friendly books, clothes, shoes, and toiletries. Appointments are required – just give us a call. 

Food Assistance

Whether you need help affording your meals, setting up food delivery, or getting to the grocery store, we can help you put food on the table. 

Housing Assistance

No one should have to live without a roof over their head. From temporary housing like shelters to finding you a place to call home, we can assist you in securing short term and long-term housing solutions.

Medical Support

As a patient of HCAI, we can help you get set up with insurance coverage, access medications, manage existing prescriptions, treat substance abuse, and more.

BASIC NEEDS We’re here for those in need.

If you or someone you know could use a hand with food, housing, medical, or any other type of support, give us a call to make an appointment. 

Call us at: (203) 345-0404