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Advocacy & Programs → Grant Submission Lifting up the voices in the LGBTQ+ community, near and far.

Online Grant Submission Form

Please fully read and review the grant program guidelines prior to completing the grant submission form.

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Organization Overview

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Grant Request Summary

Grant Submission Details

Please include amount being requested, itemized budget for the project/program and contributions from other funding sources.
Provide a detailed description of the program/project for which the organization seeks funding including objectives, purpose, need, design and strategy and how the grant, if provided, would advance these objectives.
Summarize the target audiences that will be impacted by this project/program including (where possible) number of people that will be served and geographic location of audience(s). Be sure to include details that indicate how members of the LGBTQ+ community will be assisted and/or supported through this effort.
Provide specific details about how the impact of the project/program will be evaluated and measured. For example, an increase of XX% in participation/attendance/individuals served.
Provide a detailed overview of the proposed timeline including planning, implementation, and results measurement.
Please list any partners or potential partners and their role with your organization and/or this program/project.
If applicable, please list and address any potential or actual conflicts with your organization’s mission and the activities of any officers and the HCAI mission. If none, please state the same.

Supplemental Information

Upload additional images, and/or documentation that supplements/supports the organization’s funding request. Any videos should be included via a link in the appropriate text field(s) below.

Please Note: Any information submitted using this form is transmitted securely and held in the strictest of confidence, protecting your privacy.