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Advocacy & Programs → Case Management We support you so you can support yourself.

Our most basic needs are also the ones not everyone has. We’re here to change that.

Sexual Orientation and gender identity can impact a person’s access to care and their basic needs. This is made even more acute when those identities intersect with race, ethnicity, age, income, mental health, medical needs and more. Our patients’ needs go beyond just medical, and we try to help find solutions to all problem. At HCAI we treat the “whole” person.

Delivering unmet basic needs for HCAI patients is done through our “case management” program. 

To qualify for case management assistance, you must be a patient of HCAI and meet the financial guidelines. 

HCAI may be the only private medical practice that offers case management. HCAI continues to provide equitable support to our patients who need it the most.

Please note: These services are only for HCAI patients and are based on a person's income and inability to provide for self and family.

Case Management

Basic Needs

HCAI patients that lack clothing, food, housing, transportation or utilities assistance we try our best to link them to the proper resources. 

Insurance coverage

The case manager prioritizes this to make sure the patient can receive medical and pharmaceutical care.  We help navigate this complex system and access resources to ensure that all HCAI patients have and keep their medical insurance.

Mental Health & Substance Misuse treatment

Our staff will assess your needs in this area and refer you to services as needed.

Medical Support

Our onsite pharmacy and medical staff work with case management to ensure the continuity and affordability of care.

BASIC NEEDS We’re here for those in need.

If you or someone you know could use a hand with food, housing, medical, or any other type of support, give us a call to make an appointment. 

Call us at: (203) 345-0404