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When you look in the mirror, see more than HIV.

HIV is not invisible for everyone. If you’re experiencing changes to your facial structure and appearance, you don’t have to live with it. We offer safe and effective cosmetic therapies that can improve your symptoms and your confidence. If you’re interested in a service we don’t offer, we can refer you to the right place.


Our surgical restorative and cosmetic therapies can help you look and feel like yourself again.

medicalDermal Filler Sculptra

HIV lipodystrophy (also known as facial lipoatrophy) is when patients unintentionally lose facial fat due to HIV infection, HIV medications, or its complications. We can counteract these effects with a semi-permanent restorative solution.

Dermal fillers like Sculptra restore fullness, shape, and contour to the face – resulting in a softer, more youthful appearance while reducing stigma from yourself and others.

medicalMedical Botox

While many people undergo Botox as a cosmetic treatment, Botox is approved for use by the FDA as a treatment for muscle and nerve disorders, including migraines, circulation issues, inflammatory skin diseases, difficulty swallowing, and certain blistering lesions. Botox can also enhance the effectiveness of the Sculptra treatment for HIV patients.

OUR PROVIDERS We deliver medical restorative and cosmetic therapies while guiding you along the way.

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