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We’re here from the first prescription to the last dose, whether it's specialty or general medications.

When it comes to choosing a pharmacy, the one down the street is an easy default. But for LGBTQ+ patients and people living with HIV/AIDS, it’s not just about convenience – from picking up prescriptions or having them mailed to you, to talking with your pharmacist, getting treatment can feel uncomfortable and invasive.

Whether you need over-the-counter products or prescription medication, HCAI’s on-site pharmacy has everything you need in a place you feel safe and welcomed. Our pharmacy staff is compassionate and highly knowledgeable, and you can use the RxLocal mobile app to connect with them any time.

By using our pharmacy, you support our clinic and mission, particularly in the fight to end stigma and discrimination against HIV/AIDS.

If you are a healthcare provider, search “HCAI in CT” in SureScripts when prescribing any medications for our patients.

Pharmacy Hours: Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM


Get vaccinations, prescriptions, and medical guidance from people who care.

MedicalPrescription Refills and Transfers

Pick up new medications or transfer existing ones to our welcoming and convenient pharmacy. We offer automatic refills, blister packaging and pill trays, as well as home delivery through our trusted shipping partners.

MedicalCost Benefits

We want to make sure the medications you need are accessible. For more information about HCAI’s Patient Assistance Program (PAP), please call us. 

MedicalIndividualized Treatment Plans

Our pharmacist creates a unique plan for every patient, while keeping an open dialogue to make sure your treatment is always exactly what you need.

medicalPrior-Authorization Assistance

This service helps ensure that your health insurance plan covers your medication before we prescribe it, so you’re not left paying more than you can afford or unable to receive treatment.

medicalMedication Therapy Management

For every patient, our pharmacist has one goal: to make sure your medication gives you the best possible outcome. We pay close attention to your treatment plan and work with you to resolve any issues along the way.

medicalMedication Adherence Programs

Prescription medications can improve your quality of life, but only if you take them. We help make sure you’re able to adhere to your treatment and get the best possible outcome.

OUR PHARMACIST A team that cares for you and about you.

GET IN TOUCH Personalized treatment starts with a conversation.

Give us a call to speak with our pharmacist, or you can walk in during our hours.

Call us at: 888-341-2784