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Advocacy & Programs → Grant Program Supporting those who strengthen our mission.

Our Purpose

Thank you for your interest in The HCAI Fund. Applications will be accepted again January 1, 2024- March 31, 2024. For more information read the grant guidelines. 

Funding Parameters

Funding will be considered for 501(c)3 organizations whose mission aligns with ours, and that address one or more of the following areas for members of the LGBTQ+ community. For the full list of parameters, please refer to our grant guidelines.

1. Basic needs support and assistance

2. Substance abuse that impacts treatment and care

3. Equality in community life (work, housing, education, and access to healthcare)

4. Mental health support and services

5. Stigma and discrimination

6. HIV/AIDS education, prevention and support

7. Advertising/marketing or similar services that specifically support the program for which the grant is being requested

APPLY FOR A GRANT Grant Program Application

We're not alone in our mission – and neither are you. Let's amplify our impact together.