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Advocacy & Programs → LGBTQ+ → Youth and family program Our family is here for yours.

Support the important people in your life – including yourself.

LGBTQ+ youth are more likely to thrive when their families lift them up – and families need support as they navigate their own challenges. Youth, parents, and caregivers alike can find comfort and community through our programs, including support groups, meditation, mindfulness, workshops, and resources for youth in crisis. We also offer individual coaching by Tony Ferraiolo, a certified life coach who has been providing guidance to the LGBTQ+ community and families for over a decade. 

For Youth, Parents, and Caregivers

Through love, kindness, and diversity, we’re here to show that growing up LGBTQ+ is something to be celebrated.

Creating Kindness Workshop

When your feelings don’t fit into words, art is there to give them shape. Join Health Care Advocates International’s Youth and Family Program Director and Life Coach Tony Ferraiolo as he presents “Creating Kindness” workshop. This workshop is designed to guide the participants down a path of inner discovery which in turn will open their hearts to express themselves through their drawings. During our workshop, we’ll use art as a window to talk about love and kindness. Participants will be asked to draw answers to questions like, how can you create kindness? Draw what you can do to be kind to yourself. Which in turn will have them leaving this powerful workshop with a feeling of love and kindness in their hearts.

For Youth: Life Coaching

We offer individual coaching by Tony Ferraiolo, a certified life coach who has been providing guidance to the LGBTQ+ community and families for over a decade. He has coached hundreds of LGBTQ+ youth and empowered them to live the life they have always imagined.

Parents and Caregivers: From Fear to Acceptance

It’s normal to react with fear or sadness when your child comes out, often due to a lack of understanding or anxieties about what others might think. This workshop will help you confront some of those fears and questions. We’ll also review common terms and misconceptions so you have the tools you need to accept and support your child.

This presentation is also offered to extended family members and friends, who might need some guidance to accept your child for who they are.

Parents and Caregivers: Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth

Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth is a unique workshop presented by Tony Ferraiolo, HCAI’s Director of Youth and Family Programs. Through art, trans youth can express their experiences and feelings, helping them better understand and advocate for themselves. The workshop will also showcase a slideshow of actual drawings created by members of Tony’s youth groups, Translation and Create Yourself.

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Youth & Family Impact

Provided trainings to 17 schools across Connecticut, reinforcing the message to 889 administrators, educators, and staff that every student is entitled to a safe and respectful education.

Spoke to 8 diversity groups with a total of 201 students at the middle school and high school levels. Reminding the students that love, kindness and acceptance are the most important lessons of all. 

We supported 76 families with school-related concerns and provided resources for medical and mental health care providers.

Shipped out 407 binders to help support those who may not have the funds or ability to purchase on their own.

YOUTH AND FAMILY SUPPORT Compassion starts with a conversation.

If you or a family member could benefit from our youth and family support, send us an email.

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