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Before we can educate, we have to learn.

Students spend the majority of their young lives at school – so making every classroom an inclusive space is essential. Our Youth and Family Program offers several workshops to help school administrators, educators, and staff better understand and support LGBTQ+ students. We also tailor programs to transgender and non-binary students to increase confidence and acceptance at school and beyond.


From the bus ride to the last bell, every student should feel seen at school.

For Educators: Creating A Welcoming Environment For Your LGBTQ+ Students

This training will give you the tools to make your school or classroom inclusive of all students. We will review LGBTQ+ terminology and misconceptions, discuss ways to create a welcoming environment, and learn the role of mindfulness in communicating with students. Through kindness and acceptance, you can create a space where students learn best.

For Educators: How Inclusive is Your Classroom?

Too often, LGBTQ+, transgender and non-binary students are not represented in the classroom. Every educator can create a safe, supportive, and affirming environment for these students. This workshop will help you make the necessary changes in your school or classroom to ensure that every student has a sense of belonging.

For Educators: Fireside Chat

This interactive workshop is designed to help attendees put into action what they learned when attending the workshop “Creating a Welcoming Environment for Your LGBTQ+ Students”.  This workshop will bring you into scenarios and ask you to share how you would handle situations that can arise in a school setting. For example, when you call a student by the wrong name and pronoun or when a parent is not supportive of their LGBTQ+ child.

(pre-req: Creating a Welcoming Environment for Your LGBTQ+ Students)

For Educators: Your Transgender and Non-Binary Students

Transgender and non-binary students are often misunderstood, especially at school. Educators are faced with questions like: What pronoun and name should I use? What locker room should my transgender student use? Tony Ferraiolo can answer these questions and more. After his own transition, he has helped countless educators support their transgender students, reminding us that every student deserves a safe and respectful learning environment.

For Students: Love, Kindness, and Diversity Presentation

This presentation is designed to teach students about diversity through the language of love and kindness. All students should be honored and respected for who they are, even if they are different from someone else. By helping students understand the power of diversity, we hope to reduce instances of bullying and improve mental health.

For Students: Artistic Expressions of Transgender Youth

Led by Tony Ferraiolo, this workshop will give transgender youth an outlet to express their feelings, creating community and strength through art. Tony shares his personal experiences working with transgender youth, along with examples of actual drawings created by members of his other youth groups.

For Students: Beyond the Binary: A Journey to Self-Love and Acceptance

Join Tony Ferraiolo, as he takes you on his personal journey beyond the binary that led him to self-love and acceptance. Ferraiolo will share with students, how he learned to accept himself and being kind to people who might not have understood him helped him heal his own heart. Tony ends this talk by guiding the students through a love and kindness meditation.

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