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Medical Practice → Transgender Care that’s true to you.

No matter how you see yourself, we see you.

Being open with your provider is how you receive the best care – but what happens when you can’t be? Nurses and doctors are not always knowledgeable or respectful of transgender healthcare, creating an uncomfortable or even dangerous situation for patients, along with barriers to care.  

We help you embrace who you are – in mind and body. From providing gender-affirming care to supporting your mental health, we make sure you get the necessary treatment that aligns with how you see yourself.


We welcome change and help you navigate it. 


We provide guidance to transgender patients and their families on gender-affirming hormone therapy. If you decide therapy is right for you, we can dispense and monitor your treatment to make sure you get the best results. 

medicalSupport Programs

Our Youth and Family Program offers several workshops and resources to support transgender youth and the ones they love. Through self-reflection, conversation, and community, we help transgender youth live their truth every day.


For mental health counseling and gender-affirming surgery, we can connect you with providers who have your best interests in mind and will support you as we do.

GET IN TOUCH Supportive care starts with a conversation.

If you want to learn more about transgender services, our staff is happy to help.

Call us at: (203) 345-0404