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Tony Ferraiolo (He/Him)

Director of Youth and Family Program

After years of suffering with my own gender identity, I transitioned in 2005. I quickly realized that my life’s purpose was to help guide transgender and nonbinary youth and their families through a gender journey that can often be a fearful one. I created support groups in 2008 that are still running today. Over the years I expanded my work, working with LGBTQ+ youth and their families. 

I joined HCAI in January of 2021 and have helped establish our LGBTQ+ Youth and Family Program, which provides one-on-one family and youth coaching. We also train educators, administrators, and staff to make schools more welcoming and inclusive for all students. We provide free chest binders to the transgender and nonbinary communities, ensuring that money is never a barrier to a binder that can change, or even save, someone’s life.  

Outside of work I am an artist and a singer-songwriter, and I love the beach.