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Yamesha Smith (She/Her)

Case Manager

Meet Yamesha Smith, our case manager here at Health Care Advocates International. Located on the first floor of our Stratford office, the department assists patients with necessary services to live a healthy lifestyle. These include housing, food assistance, utility help, transportation, medical and more.

Patients are typically referred to her by an HCAI provider. In order to qualify for assistance, individuals MUST meet poverty level guidelines and be a patient of HCAI. Once those are meant, Yamesha helps to determine how they can be assisted.

Yamesha has worked in case management for twenty years, joining the HCAI team last October from a community-based practice. There, she dealt directly with the HIV/AIDS community through providing assistance and later found herself aiding a large LGBTQ+ clientele.

“If you can change one persons life, you made a difference for that day”

Bringing in her experience as a case manager in this area has been instrumental in our new program’s success. Yamesha’s familiarity with the community and hands-on work gives her a knowledgeable basis in activism.

Through and through, Yamesha is deeply devoted to her work. We are grateful for Yamesha’s passion and ability to serve those in need.