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Meet Kalee

Meet today's #stigmawarrior

My name is Kalee. I am an HIV Advocate and Stigma Warrior.

Standing up to stigma and discrimination is important to me because it bends the truth of reality. Stigma allows guilt and shame to thrive, which is the opposite of love. HIV is an acronym, and the first letter is H, which stands for Human. I learned as a child I was born HIV+ and I also learned about stigma. I made it thought my youth and feel it’s a duty to help others struggling. We are all humans; I am here to remind everyone of that.

As a stigma warrior, I like to speak into a microphone whenever I can. I have been fully open with my HIV status since I was eighteen years old. Starting a social media account has allowed me to reach more people.

People can be incredibly ugly, you are worth so much more than their sadness.

If you are faced with stigma or discrimination, I suggest surrounding yourself with people that love you and support you. Most importantly support and love yourself, be your own best cheerleader.

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