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Meet Luke

A wonderful happy day for all of you. My name is Luke. I am 28 years old and dream of teaching happiness to the world as much as possible.

I want to introduce you to someone. Through him, I became courageous, happy, confident, understanding and strong. We have known each other for two years now. We met on 12.11.2017. On my 26 birthday. In the beginning, I got really mad at him. I didn’t accept him and… even hated him. My parents were also speechless and didn’t know how to deal with him. May I introduce: The HIV-Virus.

The first three months were hell for me after the diagnosis. I was so scared and kept asking myself: “am I dying? Will I look sick now? Can I work? Am I dangerous to others? Can I ever find a partner? Can I still have sex? Can I tell my friends?”

I knew I couldn’t answer these questions on my own. I needed help. I haven’t laughed once in those three months. And if you ask my environment, I’m the happiest person in the world. I did some research on the Internet and found the Aids Institution Münster. I went there and walked outside the house for 5 days and didn’t dare to go in. I was just scared. I didn’t want to realize it all. I have taken my courage and I am finally clean. I introduced myself and said: “I was diagnosed with HIV-POSITIV 3 weeks ago. Can I talk to someone?”

Immediately a great guy introduced himself and went with me to the next room and talked to me. First, he gave me some information. He enlightened me and told me that he himself has been HIV-POSITIV for 8 years and can live happily. I was amazed. Medicine is very advanced. A therapy, one tablet a day and the virus is brought under control to the point where it is no longer medically detectable in the blood. You are below the detection limit. He passed me on to the psychologist from Aids Aid. I met with him for three weeks, twice a week. I was still in a state of inquiries and fear. In the third week, I was told by my doctor that I was undetectable. That means that I cannot infect anyone. The HI virus is under control. After three months. The joy and relief were great. However, I was still scared.

During the last meeting with the psychologist became clear that I am still me. Instead of being unhappy and hiding, I can – and will be – a role model for others. The psychologist said I should take it slowly and still take time for myself. After 4 months, I slowly regained myself. I started to see everything positively again.

Unfortunately, people don’t understand the joke. But it’s all the funnier to tell them the joke. The saddest thing about the whole situation is the attitude of society. Condemnation and ignorance of HIV. Most of society definitely. I suspect this ignorance and condemnation come from the past and many immediately think of AIDS and homosexuality. All I can say is: “Throw this old picture about HIV into the trash and listen to me. Medicine can control it to the point where HIV carriers under therapy cannot infect anyone. It also hurts to hide something, a part of yourself. I don’t hide because I have the courage. But remember, many do not have this courage and will have to hide themselves. After all, we are all so awakened, so we should be able to accept and tolerate anyone who does not do harm to their environment.

It’s really easy. However, I cannot be angry about this. People are like that. They are afraid and too lazy to be enlightened. Listen! I am HIV POSITIV and happy. I want to give courage to others and catch them in their difficult phase of life. I don’t want to leave anyone behind, I want to distribute happiness.

If you are afraid, then take 20 seconds to be brave. It will make you happy.

Much love, Lukas.