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Meet Peppermint

My name is Peppermint. I am a Trans Activist, singer/songwriter and actress.

Unfortunately, stigma is rampant and widespread. In my live shows and other performances, I use my platform to address HIV/AIDS stigma as well as the discrimination faced by trans people and their cisgender partners. Particularly for partners of trans women, like me, I intend to create a space so trans folks can feel safe and present publicly.

The strength needed to combat daily stigma comes from within. You may not have people around you who show support, but social media can empower us, it can allow for queer folks around the world to lift each other up. Sometimes we must build our own family!

Relatability is my greatest strength. I try to be open to everyone and allow those who respect my community to enjoy the vibrant work I produce. I show pride for who I am through my work and hope to inspire other trans youth to do the same.

I want LGBTQ+ individuals, especially youth, to be aware of the history they come from. There is a long line of stigma warriors that come before all of us- make them a part of your story by listening to their own.

If I could say something to my younger self, I’d tell her there’s no finish line. We all develop our identities at our own pace. There’s no rush and no endpoint, so love who you are every step of the way.