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Meet Raif

Meet today's Stigma Warrior:

My name is Raif Derrazi, I am an HIV Advocate, Host and content creator.

Its important to stand up to stigma and discrimination because doing nothing is co-signing that harmful behavior. Not everyone can stand up against all things. As someone living with HIV, claiming my dignity and respect as a human being does so muchgood for our community.

I fight stigma in my life mostly through education and visibility. I’ve dedicated my content creation to HIV awareness and research. I host on @pluslifemedia and work with HIV cure research scientists globally to ensure our community’s voice is recognized. In-person I reclaim stigma through humor. I crack dark jokes about HIV/AIDS to friends as a form of satire; humor is a powerful tool.

If you're experiencing stigma and discrimination within your community, my advice is to identify the sources of support in your life and seek out help without hesitation. How you choose to navigate living with HIV is a deeply personal decision.