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Meet Raul

Meet today's Stigma Warrior:

My name is Raúl Marca, and I am an ambassador for the CDC campaign Let's Stop HIV Together. I believe it is important to address Stigma and Discrimination because they are major impediments to universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support. They also affect people's emotional well-being and mental health. Those who seek HIV services may often internalize the stigma they feel and begin to create a negative image of themselves. They may fear discrimination or negative judgment if others know that they are seeking HIV-related services.

I fight stigma in my own life by using social media platforms to promote the Stop HIV Together campaign to reduce the anxiety and stigma that people with HIV may face. Using my platforms helps me continue to link people to medical services, food, and housing resources. I also advocated for universal access to prevention and treatment, working in the field with vulnerable populations, including immigrants and the LGBTQI+ community.

It is very important to let our communities know they can do many small things that will have a big impact. If each of us commits to making positive changes in our families and communities, we can help end HIV stigma and work to stop HIV together.