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Stigma Warrior: Meet Robin

My name is Robin Fierce. I am a drag artist & LGBTQ+ advocate. You can catch me on season 15 of Drag Race.

Stigma is BS. It gives misinformation, it's unhealthy, and makes people feel less than human. Nobody should feel that way. We are all human beings, and we deserve to be treated equally.

The best way I fight stigma is to be authentic, to be exactly who I am. Stigma thrives in the darkness, in false information and hate. I promote love and truth.

My advice to anyone facing stigma and discrimination is to stay out of overhead lighting. It’s no good for anyone!

HAHAH just kidding, I'm speaking for myself.

There are so many faces and races in the world, so just Be You! When you can live authentically in that space, stigma can not hurt you.

I am "Fierce" and "Fierce" is me!