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Meet Sherita

Meet today's Stigma Warrior:

"My name is Sherita. I’ve worked in nursing for over thirty years, most notably with HIV/AIDS patients.

Stigma and discrimination affects one's opportunities and advantages such as education and medical care. When I was diagnosed with HIV, I wrestled with other people’s perceptions of a positive status. Stigma forces many to live a life in the dark, afraid to be their true selves because of shame, fear or the threat of being mentally or physically harmed.

Education is a powerful tool to stomp out Stigma. HIV is, and continues to be the elephant in the room for many. Working in healthcare and being HIV+ has allowed me to educate newly diagnosed patients and the public alike. Having frequent discussions with our providers, families, friends can help us become comfortable with the topic.

Continue to live your best life! Let others see you thrive, speak up and out when you hear misinformation regarding HIV or any topic that warrants correction. HIV doesn’t have a face, gender, or sexuality: it can affect us all."

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