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Meet Tarin

Meet today’s Stigma Warrior.

My name Tarin, I am a trans activist.  I think it's important to stand up to negative stigma and discrimination because if no one speaks up it will just keep going. It's not just going to go away on its own, and we need more people speaking up against hate, because it is very harmful. 

I fight stigma by raising awareness of the trans experience.  In my own life, I aim to combat stigma by speaking out about the challenges that almost every trans person must face. I've been fortunate enough to share my experiences on podcasts, news programs, and even at events.

My advice to anyone facing stigma and discrimination is keep going. Speak out. It's difficult but negativity isn't going to go away unless we actively fight it. Speak your truth, everyone's story matters. Besides, you aren't alone, you have a community of people like you who will help you.

One word that describes me being my authentic self is "human". Because I am human, and being authentically myself shouldn't make me any less of one. Just because I'm trans doesn't automatically make me a supernatural being, I'm just a human like everyone else, trying to live my life like everyone else. 

One word that describes me as a Stigma Warrior would probably be "cool". This is a really cool project and a really cool way for individuals to share their own story and hopefully create change or show people they truly are not alone.